Barry Reed Associates Ltd is able to supply a large number of products worldwide including:
Beans Cereals Pulses
 UK Faba Beans
 UK Feed Beans
 UK Lupin Beans
 UK Split Beans
 UK Tic Beans
 Egyptian White Beans
 UK Feed Barley
 UK Pearl Barley
 UK Feed Oats
 UK Naked Oats
 UK Feed Wheat
 Burmese Yellow Maize
 Egyptian Rice
 Egyptian White Maize
 South African White Maize
 UK Green Peas
 UK Yellow Peas
 UK Maple Peas
 UK Marrowfat Peas
 UK Green Split Peas
 UK Yellow Split Peas
 Egyptian Red Split Lentils
 Egyptian Red Lentil Footballs
Seeds Other
 UK Hemp Seed
 UK Brown Linseed
 UK Yellow Linseed
 UK Black Rape Seed
 Burmese Niger Seed
 Burmese Red Sorghum
 Egyptian Clover Seed
 Egyptian Sorghum
 Egyptian White Sunflower
 Egyptian Grey Striped Sunflower
 Indian Millet
 Indian Sesame Seed
 Indian Sorghum
 Indian White Safflower Seed
 Ukranian Brown Linseed
 UK Tares & Vetches
 Argentinian Peanuts
 Brazilian Macadamia Nuts
 Brazilian Peanuts
 Burmese Black Matpe
 Burmese Mung Beans
 Egyptian Camomile
 Egyptian Hibiscus
 Philippine Desiccated Coconut
 Polish Potato Powder
 Polish Potato Starch
 Spanish Tigernuts
Personal effects shipped door-to-door anywhere in the world.
Should you require something that is not listed, please contact us to make a request
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